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Events Management

“Meetings! Meetings! Nothing ever happens in meetings”

We make things happen.

To do that you have to start with the content. Why do you want a meeting? Is that the best way to tell your story?

If a meeting is the best solution, we work with you on the content to make sure it meets your objectives while being stimulating, informative, engaging, diverse and compliant with industry regulations.

A nice venue and a free lunch are no longer powerful incentives; busy healthcare professionals want a meeting that will impart something of value to their clinical practice.

I collaborate with at least four partner companies to deliver the meeting on the ground, whether it is a cosy advisory board or a major launch meeting with hundreds of delegates. My partners are all highly experienced in events management and offer support from start to finish, including venue selection and negotiation, delegate and on-site management, creative, on-site translation, production and audio-visual services. We can also plan and execute virtual meetings and Webinars.

If a meeting is not the best solution, let’s look at something else.